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Our Practice

our areas of expertise

Our practice covers many aspects of the complex Community Association legal system and have broken them into four main categories. Click on each of the sections to jump to a more in-depth breakdown.

Legal Proceedings and Disputes

Guiding You Through Legal Challenges

Financial Matters and Collections

Counseling You on Financial Options and Collection Strategies

Governance and Administration

Efficiently Operating and Maintaining Your Community
  1. Arbitration and Mediation
  2. Association Lien Foreclosure and Mortgage Foreclosure
  3. Representation in Federal Courts including Federal Bankruptcy Courts
  4. Construction Defect Litigation
  5. Contract Preparation, Review, and Enforcement
  6. Election Disputes and recalls
  7. Eminent domain, land use, and zoning matters
  8. Enforcement of Covenants and Rules
  9. Fair Housing Act complaints and compliance
  10. Litigation and Appeals
  11. Turnover and transition to governance and compliance

Financial Matters and Collections

  1. Budgeting and reserve funding
  2. Financing large projects and expenses, both planned and unplanned
  3. Interpreting statutory requirements
  4. Evaluating insurance requirements and options

Governance and Administration

  1. Turnover and transition from Developer
  2. Board governance and corporate operations
  3. Board and membership meetings and elections
  4. Governing document preparation, amendment, interpretation, and enforcement.
  5. Common area maintenance and repair
  6. Leasing restrictions and enforcement
  7. Termination of condominiums