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Our goal is to provide effective,
affordable legal services

Simplifying the job of the directors and supporting the goals of the community


Drafting, amending, and
restating your association's
governing documents


Interpreting governing documents
and association and owner rights
and responsibilities


Assistance developing and
implementing collection policies and
strategies to minimize delinquencies


Enforcement of violations
and maintenance obligations


Development of policies
and procedures


with Florida Statutes
and other laws
affecting associations
Appleton reiss

Association Experts
You Can Trust.

Dedicated to excellence and backed by years of experience, Appleton Reiss empowers you to operate and manage your community and navigate any legal challenges that come your way.

What we do

With decades of experience, we specialize in
advising and providing practical solutions for
drafting and amending governing documents.

Eric Appleton

Founding Partner

We provide guidance to communities of all types and sizes throughout the State of Florida. As part of our responsibility to our clients, we actively monitor pending and approved changes to applicable laws and provide timely updates to our clients. We also contribute to the community and the legal profession by supporting and participating in local bar associations and activities.

Eric N. Appleton

Founding Partner

Michelle Reiss

Founding Partner
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